Types of Laughters
  Family Laughter
  Mumbai Laughter
Greeting / Politician
  Mobile Laughter
  Healthy   Shy / Sharmili Laughter
There are different types of laughters as under.
Warm up Laughter - HO Laughter  ,  Ha Hee Hee Laughter  , Family Laughter
Spontaneous or Patiala Laughter - Mouth wide open, maximum sound, raise both the hands upward and clap with others so as to have eye contact with each other to act as stimulant to do longer effective laughter.
Jokers Laughter - This is same as no.2 but no sound, there should be feeling and expression on the face.
Mumbai-Office-Etiquette Laughter - Mouth close, humming sound of bees or pigeon.
These are main principal laughers others are to break monotones or mixing of two They are as under.
Greeting / Politician Appreciation Mobile
Cocktail Masti Dholak
Ashwa Lassi One Yard
Birthday or anniversary Thandai Kite flying
Atom bomb Fuljari Coconut Cutting
Computer Dandia Raas Lazim
Barakhdi Jhula Mirchi
Garba Rain Children
Doll Namaskar(pranam) Butterfly
Birds Sabasi Complain
Tali Mexican waves Kapot(pigeon)
Mirror Tantric Pulkit
Belly Langadi Chakki pataka
Aasmani thaka Karna priya(ear press with palm) Maun
Sodhan(dhulai) Kapal bhati Madhur kapal bhati
Tractor Chini mini Khursi
Paisa pappu denga

and many more.

In today’s atmosphere and communal hatred LAUGHTER has become symbol of NATIONAL INTEGRATION AND WORLD PEACE.