Laughter Therapy For Sports
4th Comp School Children   Cricket Trainees   Sumo Wrestler

In today’s time every sports are competitive and lucrative in terms of popularity, fame,fashion and money. As a result trainees need to practice vigorously on regular basis and also require to give lot of time and money for the activity. The traveling time, mode of transport, proper infra structure, tough competition in studies and job creates stress,tension,depression and negativity among trainees and sportspersons.

The Laughter Therapy helps young trainees and sports person in following ways.

When we laugh our Body and Mind remain together as a result we relieve instantly from thought process and so stress, depression.
Improve their concentration which will help to understand the game and applied the same during the competition.
As they breathe 100% so the oxygen intake is much more result into better stamina and energy during the game.
The laughter develops inter personnel relationship as a result they have wonderful understanding with team mates which helps in the game plan.
This will develop positive attitude over a period of time that helps sports person during the game to change loosing position to winning situation.
This will also help in developing leadership quality that makes successful captain or leader of the team.
They will be able to sustain defeat, failure or nonperformance in the game and also dejection in studies or life.
They will be bold, friendly and mixing so will be liked by members of team, officials and administrator.

We call this as CHEESE that indicates as under.
         H = HEALTH
         E = EXERCISE
         E = ELASTICITY
         E = ENERGY

With all the above gain and no side effect we should not be hesitant to use LAUGHTER THERAPY IN THE SPORTING ACTIVITY now onwards with immediate effect.